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Important numbers

Electricity/Public Works(044) 203 3905
Water and Sewage(044) 203 3952
Traffic / Driving Licenses(044) 203 3162 / 3934
Cleansing Services / Law Enforcement(044) 203 3993 / 3990 / 3910
Animal Pound(044) 203 3927
Housing(044) 203 3193 / 3188
Municipal Switchboard / Control Room(044) 203 3000 / 3121 / 3134 / 3147
Roads / Storm Water Services(044) 203 3174/3165
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Important numbers

Electricity/Public Works (044) 203 3905
Water and Sewage (044) 203 3952
Traffic / Driving Licenses (044) 203 3162 / 3934
Cleansing Services / Law Enforcement (044) 203 3993 / 3990 / 3910
Animal Pound (044) 203 3927
Housing (044) 203 3193 / 3188
Municipal Switchboard / Control Room (044) 203 3000 / 3121 / 3134 / 3147
Roads / Storm Water Services (044) 203 3174/3165

4x Internship Opportunities for Unemployed Youth in Oudtshoorn Municipal Area (Including De Rust and Dysselsdorp) 6 Months Contract

Closing Date: 30 October 2020
Salary: R3000.00


Oudtshoorn Municipality is proud to present skills development opportunities for graduate youth permanently residing in the Oudtshoorn municipal area, including Dysselsdorp and De Rust.


  • Successfully completed NQF 5 qualification at an accredited tertiary institution with attached proof (where applicable)
  • Applicant must be Computer Literate
  • Be a South African Citizen – provide certified copy of identity document
  • The applicant must reside within the municipal area (provide proof of residential address)


  • Must be willing to assist with the Municipal Skills Audit and other Administrative functions

Interested applicants should apply using the prescribed application form obtainable from the Municipal website: or from HR Development & Transformation office. For any enquiries contact Maxzine Ayford of Raylene January at 044-203 3091/ 044- 203 3054 or at /

Application form accompanied by a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae and certified copies of qualifications and identity document (not older than three months) must be submitted and directed to:  Mr. R.S. Claassen, HR Manager: Development & Transformation, Human Resources Department, Oudtshoorn Municipality, Voortrekker Road, Oudtshoorn, 6620.

Candidates must be willing to be subjected to an interview and written assessment.

4x Internship Opportunities for Unemployed Youth in Oudtshoorn Municipal Area (Including De Rust and Dysselsdorp) 6 Months Contract (197.79KB) Last published 19 October 2020


14 October 2020

Verkeersdepartement Poog Om Agterstand in te Haal

Oudtshoorn, 13 Oktober 2020 - Die waarnemende munisipale bestuurder, Gerald De Jager, het op Dinsdag, 13 Oktober 2020, ‘n besoek afgelê by die Oudtshoorn Verkeersdepartment.  Die rede vir die besoek was om vas te stel wat die munisipaliteit kan doen om dienslewering te verbeter.

De Jager wil graag die publiek bedank vir hul geduld en verstaanbaarheid as dit kom by die lang lyne, maar wil die publiek aanmoedig om gebruik te maak van die aanlyn fasaliteite vir die betaling van hernuwing van voertuiglisensies.  “Om nie in lang toue te wag nie, het die Oudtshoorn-munisipaliteit via 'n aanlynproses 'n prosedure vir hernuwing van voertuiglisensies geïmplementeer. Dit vat ‘n paar minute om dit aanlyn te doen en u kan u voertuiglisensie binne drie dae afhaal by die verkeersdepartement sonder om in die lyn te staan” noem De Jager.

Op die oomblik is daar slegs drie kassiere waarvan twee in isolasie is as gevolg van Covid-19, wat baie uitdagend is vir die verkeersdepartement as dit kom by dienslewering.   Die verkeers-departement help ongeveer 270 mense per dag by motorregistrasies, bestuurslisensies en die voertuigtoetsstasie.  Ofskoon daar gemiddeld meer as 800 persone gehelp is, is die transaskies gedoen in Julie 2020 vir motorregistrasies ongeveer 2286 en vir bestuurslisensies ongeveer 1576.  In Augustus 2020 het dit verdubbel met motorregistrasies transaksies van 5119 en bestuurslisensie transaksie van 3078 terwyl transaksies vir September 2020 vir motorregistrasies 6693 en bestuurslisensies 1559 was.

'n Ander uitdaging is motorhandelaars wat groot getalle voertuie het om te registreer en die munisipaliteit is besig om te onderhandel om spesiale tye oop te maak, meestal naweek, maar oortyd van personeel bly 'n uitdaging. Gerald De Jager noem dat die munisipaliteit voort sal gaan om ander opsies te ondersoek om die probleem op te los as ook om die agterstand in te haal wat teweeggebring is deur die grendeltydperk.

Indien u digitaal wil gaan, gaan op die webwerf en sien hoe maklik dit is. 

Last published 14 October 2020

External Municipal Bursary Programme 2021

Closing Date: 05 November 2020

Applications are hereby invited from students who are currently in Grade 12 and learners who already have passed grade 12, for financial support for further studies in the 2021 academic year. The award is limited to full-time studies at an accredited tertiary institution. Students must reside within the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality including the rural areas.

The aim of this programme is to develop students and learners with potential and performing learners within the Municipality’s municipal area, affording partiality to individuals from historically disadvantaged societal groups and individuals with disabilities.

Bursaries will be allocated for a period of three (3)  years to allow students to undertake a full time Graduate Degree or Diploma. Application forms are available at all municipal offices, libraries, the Youth Office and Oudtshoorn Thusong Service Centre during normal work hours (07:30-16:00). Applications will only be considered if it is correctly and fully completed and the following documentation is attached:

  • Certified copy of Grade 12 certificate/Statement of results
  • Proof of registration/ admission at any tertiary institution
  • Certified copy of identity document
  • Proof of residential address
  • Proof of combined household income

An application must be submitted to: HR Manager: Development & Transformation, Department Corporate Services, P.O. Box 255, Oudtshoorn, 6620 (submit applications to Ms M Ayford, Senior HR Officer: Skills Development  or  Mrs R January, Senior Skills Development Clerk, Oudtshoorn Municipality, Corner of Voortrekker Road and Baron Van Reede Street).

External Municipal Bursary Programme 2021 (172.65KB) Application Form (207.02KB) Last published 07 October 2020


22 September 2020

Municipality in Full Support of Jerusalema Challenge

Oudtshoorn, 22 September 2020 - The Oudtshoorn Municipality has joined a local resident Ingrid Noble, who initiated the world wide Jerusalema Challenge dance in Oudtshoorn. The event will take place on Saturday, 26 September 2020 in Baron Van Reede Street, between Voortrekker Road and Church Street at 13:30.

The Executive Mayor, Cllr Chris Macpherson has shown full support with the idea and said, “One thing we need in this town is hope, to revitalise and get people going again. Saturday will be a great success”.

Noble who started this campaign to allow residents to participate, has been conducting a few practice lessons for the public in order to ready them for the dance.

The challenge which is nationally and internationally recognised will be taking place in the Greater Oudtshoorn where 500 expected participants will be taking part in. The Challenge’s popularity has sparked all over social media platforms, where communities, workers, even celebrities have been dancing away to the challenge while being captured on videos.

During President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to the nation on developments to COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday, 16 September 2020, he announced the country’s move to level one. Ramaphosa stated that, “there can be no better celebration of our South African-ness than joining the global phenomenon that is the Jerusalema dance challenge”.

The Municipality’s departments including Disaster Management, Traffic department, Law Enforcement, and the South African Police Service have been holding contingency meetings with the organiser, Noble to ensure that the event takes place within the covid19 regulations and to ensure public safety.

The residents who wish to join in are urged to please wear masks at the event. For uniformity, they should also be dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans.

Last published 22 September 2020

Performance Agreements 2020/21


16 September 2020

Donovan Le Roux to Be Remembered Through a Drive through Memorial Service Tomorrow

Oudtshoorn, 15 September 2020 – The Oudtshoorn Municipality hold a memorial service on Wednesday, 16 September 2020 in honour and commemoration of the late law enforcement officer, Donovan le Roux through a drive through motorcade.

Le Roux (47) passed away on Saturday, 12 September 2020 due to a COVI19 related illness. “To abide by and observe the COVID19 regulations, a motorcade drive through passed the home of le Roux would be a fitting memorial service,” said the acting municipal manager, Gerald de Jager.

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Councillor Chris Macpherson and the acting municipal manager, Mr. Gerald de Jager will be among the mourners that will pay their respects to the late le Roux during the drive through memorial service.

The mourners will gather at the Traffic Department at 11:00, where the late le Roux worked. The Chief of Traffic, Mr. Pat Jordaan will lead the procession of the motorcade drive through at 11:30, followed by the following officials and departments:

  • Traffic Department and Law Enforcement
  • Animal Pound
  • Fire, Rescue & Disaster Management
  • Executive Mayor and Municipal Manager
  • Community Services Directorate
  • All other Municipal departments that will be in attendance

The procession will depart from the Traffic Department through Voortrekker Road, turn into Springbok Road, then left in Eland Road to le Roux’s home.

“Only one person per vehicle will be allowed to go out of the vehicle to hand over a wrath or flower to the family when the motorcade arrives a le Roux’s residence.” Jordaan explained.

A broadcast of the memorial service will stream live on the Municipal Facebook page or search the facebook page named, “Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality”.

The Traffic Department will temporarily close between 11:00 and 12:30, due to the memorial services. Services at the Traffic Department will resume at 12:30 until 14:30, as normal.

Last published 16 September 2020


15 September 2020

Oudtshoorn Municipality Looses Second Official to Covid19

Oudtshoorn, 14 September 2020 – The Oudtshoorn Municipality mourns the loss a law enforcement official, Donovan le Roux (47) who passed away on Saturday, 12 September 2020, due to COVID19 related sickness.

Le Roux, who joined the Municipality in February 2013, is the second official in the Oudtshoorn Municipality who succumbed to COVID19 related illness. He passed away at the George Provincial Hospital.

Mr. Patrick Jordaan, the Chief of Traffic Services and Law Enforcement says le Roux was admitted at the George Provincial Hospital on 25 August 2020, after complaining about not feeling well.

Jordaan described the passing on of le Roux as devastating. “His death is a huge loss for the Municipality and the law enforcement.

“We lost a reliable, honest person with great character who always did his job diligently. His colleagues admired him for his modesty and introverted personality.” Jordaan added.

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Councillor Chris Macpherson sends his sincere condolences to le Roux’s wife, Nicolene and children. “We are deeply saddened by the passing of such a great colleague and we pray that the family, friends and colleagues may be comforted during this difficult time.”

To commemorate le Roux, the law enforcement and colleagues in the Municipality will lead a drive through on Wednesday, 16 September 2020 passing his home at 1356 Eland Road, Bridgton at 12:00.

Le Roux will be laid to rest on Saturday, 19 September 2020 at his home at 11:00. He survived by his wife, two children and one grandchild.

Last published 15 September 2020


11 September 2020

Oudtshoorn Municipality’s Main Building Temporarily Closed To Ensure Adequate Safety In The Building

Oudtshoorn, 11 September 2020 – Access to the Oudtshoorn Municipality’s main building in Voortrekker Road, including the New Council Building, has been temporarily suspended with immediate effect, to ensure implementation of health and safety measures as well as COVID19 protocols.

This comes after a visit by the Department of Labour’s inspectors yesterday to ascertain adherence to COVID19 regulations and health and safety in the workplace in the Municipality.

Even though the Municipality has developed the Back to Work Readiness Plan and the COVID19 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Standing Operating Procedures, the inspectors detected issues relating to contravention of access control and other safety measures that could improve.

Furthermore, the inspectors reviewed Municipal COVID19 Occupational Health and Safety risk assessment and made some recommendations for it to be reviewed and improved.

It is for the above reasons that the Department of Labour has temporarily suspended the operations and access to the main building of the Oudtshoorn Municipality until these issues have been resolved.

“We welcome the visit and recommendations of the Department of Labour,” said the acting municipal manager, Mr. Gerald de Jager. “This can only create prospect for a much safer environment in our Municipality and adequate compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as COVID19 protocols,” de Jager added.

“We will take full advantage of this opportunity to ensure that safety of officials and the public is intensified, not only in the main building but in all our buildings,” he added.

The Municipality has been given Seven days to ensure that the identified compliance issues are addressed.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Traffic Department which was visited yesterday has complied with OHS and COVID19 regulations and will remain in operation.

“Service delivery will continue as normal and essential services will be in full operation,” de Jager concluded.

Last published 11 September 2020


09 September 2020

Cango Caves Open Its Doors after Six-Month National Lockdown Closure

Oudtshoorn, 9 September 2020 – After having had to close its doors as a result of the National Lockdown for a period of approximately six months, the Cango Caves is proud to announce that it will open its doors to the public on Friday, 11 September 2020.

The Cango Caves, which successfully draws about 250 000 tourists a year, is regarded as a provincial, national as well as an international tourism treasure. More than half of all visitors per year are from outside the borders of South Africa, with 60% of all visitors coming from Europe and Britain. South East Asian tourists are also as key visitors.

In this regard the Cango Caves is widely acknowledged for its role as a key contributor to the economy of the Garden Route and Klein Karoo, and in particular Oudtshoorn.

“The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and its resultant negative impact on the economy of the region, meant that the Cango Caves management along with key partners of the Oudtshoorn Municipality had to think very carefully about its future business and plan for accordingly,” says Alison Moos, Acting Manager of the Cango Caves.

“As far we know, this is the first time since opening its doors in the late 1900s that the Cango Caves had to close its doors for such a long period of time – nearly six months since National Lockdown was introduced in March this year,” Moos adds.

“While we are looking forward to opening our doors to welcome tourists again, we are well aware of the importance to protect the safety of both the Cango Caves employees as well as our visitors. We are also aware of the negative impact of Covid-19 on the economy, locally, national as well as internationally. This means that at least for the next 18 months we are unlikely to experience as strong a flow of visitors as we saw prior to the onset of the pandemic.”

“We also know that should we register a Covid-19 case at the Cango Caves, we would most likely have to close our doors again, albeit for a much shorter period of time.”

With regards to tours, Moos announced that, as part of the measures introduced to manage the situation, “the Cango Caves will for the foreseeable future only offer the Heritage Tour, which is an easy walk through the first six largest chambers. The size of the groups on this specific tour will also be limited, given requirements for social distancing”.

“The Heritage Tour originally catered for a maximum of 100 people. This has been changed, in line with safety protocol, to 20 people on the tour and the tour is conducted every 15 minutes.”

The Adventure Tour, which is considered a more challenging tour with narrow passages and tunnels that requires a degree of fitness, has been suspended till further notice.

Sanitising stations are available throughout the complex before visitors embark on their tour and visitors are encouraged to regularly sanitise their hands. Face masks are obligatory for all staff and visitors. Electronic temperature screening and sanitising will take place at the entrance to the complex.

The Cango Caves is a public entity and as such adheres to the strict regulation as gazetted by the Department of Labour as well as the Department of Health.

The first tour at Cango Caves was conducted in 1891.

Last published 09 September 2020


08 September 2020

Libraries in the Greater Oudtshoorn to Open on 21 September

Oudtshoorn, 8 September 2020 – Local library services have confirmed that all libraries in the Greater Oudtshoorn will open 21 September 2020 when all health protocols and health social distancing measures have been finalised.

The Minister for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma released alert level 2 regulations on 17 August that permit libraries to open.

Prescribed health protocols in terms of the directions prescribed to Librarians have already been put in place except for installation of transparent screens on the counters, separating contact between staff and library users. The library staff has been working behind closed doors since 24 August 2020 to ensure that the library services operate seamlessly once the libraries are open to public.

The following protocols must be adhered to by both the library staff and library users when the libraries are open on 21st September 2020:

  • Library patrons have to book sessions on the computers (30 minutes per day)
  • No outreach programmes will be held until further notice.
  • No children under 12 years old will be allowed to take out books – parents and guardians may take out books on their behalf.
  • Patrons have to put books in the boxes provided which will be put in isolation.
  • A visitors’ log will be completed by every library user before entering the library, as well as screening and hand sanitizing.
  • No newspapers or magazines will be read or taken out by library users.
  • Library users will be allowed to take out 5 books and children 4 books for a period of two weeks.
  • Library staff will work from 08:00 – 16:00 daily during the week. CJ Langenhoven library will not be open on Saturdays until further notice. The staff will pack shelves from 08:00 – 09:00, and the library will be open for the public from 10:00 – 16:00.
  • Cling wrap will be used to cover the keyboards of the computers and replaced daily, but will be sanitized after every user.
  • Photocopies will be done as usual, but no projects will be done in-house.
  • Library users will only have 15 minutes to drop off and collect books.
  • No CD’s and videos will be issued to patrons until further notice.
  • Only one shift will work per week at CJ Langenhoven (the other staff will be on stand-by)
  • The amount of people allowed in the library will be determined by the floor surface of each library.

The Municipality wishes to thank the public for their patience while the staff ensures that all necessary health protocols are in place to ensure the safety of both library staff and the public.

Preparations for readiness to serve the public is not as simple as it may look, the nature of the services involves touching of library material that must circulate from the library to users and back to the library.

Should the protocols that give guidance to use of library material not be followed meticulously, consequences thereof may create higher risks that could lead to the rapid spread of COVID19. The Municipality is looking forward to see library users and render the much needed service that has been on hold for the past six months.

Last published 08 September 2020