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Important numbers

Electricity/Public Works(044) 203 3905
Water and Sewage(044) 203 3952
Traffic / Driving Licenses(044) 203 3162 / 3934
Cleansing Services / Law Enforcement(044) 203 3993 / 3990 / 3910
Animal Pound(044) 203 3927
Housing(044) 203 3193 / 3188
Municipal Switchboard / Control Room(044) 203 3000 / 3121 / 3134 / 3147
Roads / Storm Water Services(044) 203 3174/3165
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Important numbers

Electricity/Public Works (044) 203 3905
Water and Sewage (044) 203 3952
Traffic / Driving Licenses (044) 203 3162 / 3934
Cleansing Services / Law Enforcement (044) 203 3993 / 3990 / 3910
Animal Pound (044) 203 3927
Housing (044) 203 3193 / 3188
Municipal Switchboard / Control Room (044) 203 3000 / 3121 / 3134 / 3147
Roads / Storm Water Services (044) 203 3174/3165


22 September 2020

Municipality in Full Support of Jerusalema Challenge

The Oudtshoorn Municipality has joined a local resident Ingrid Noble, who initiated the world wide Jerusalema Challenge dance in Oudtshoorn. The event will take place on Saturday, 26 September 2020 in Baron Van Reede Street, between Voortrekker Road and Church Street at 13:30. Read more >
16 September 2020

Donovan Le Roux to Be Remembered Through a Drive through Memorial Service Tomorrow

The Oudtshoorn Municipality hold a memorial service on Wednesday, 16 September 2020 in honour and commemoration of the late law enforcement officer, Donovan le Roux through a drive through motorcade. Read more >
15 September 2020

Oudtshoorn Municipality Looses Second Official to Covid19

The Oudtshoorn Municipality mourns the loss a law enforcement official, Donovan le Roux (47) who passed away on Saturday, 12 September 2020, due to COVID19 related sickness. Read more >
11 September 2020

Oudtshoorn Municipality’s Main Building Temporarily Closed To Ensure Adequate Safety In The Building

Access to the Oudtshoorn Municipality’s main building in Voortrekker Road, including the New Council Building, has been temporarily suspended with immediate effect, to ensure implementation of health and safety measures as well as COVID19 protocols. Read more >
09 September 2020

Cango Caves Open Its Doors after Six-Month National Lockdown Closure

After having had to close its doors as a result of the National Lockdown for a period of approximately six months, the Cango Caves is proud to announce that it will open its doors to the public on Friday, 11 September 2020. Read more >
08 September 2020

Libraries in the Greater Oudtshoorn to Open on 21 September

Local library services have confirmed that all libraries in the Greater Oudtshoorn will open 21 September 2020 when all health protocols and health social distancing measures have been finalised. Read more >
02 September 2020

Disaster Management Gets a Bakkie and Equipment to Bolster Services

The Disaster Management of the Greater Oudtshoorn has recently received a grant from the Western Cape Province Fire, Rescue and Disaster management in order to improve service delivery within the town. Read more >
02 September 2020

Confirmed Infections on the Increase in the Greater Oudtshoorn

Covid-19 has not passed. We urge the public to understand that Covid-19 still exists and we need to take every precautionary measure to stop the spread. Read more >
02 September 2020

Blossoms Emergency Water Supply Pipeline in Full Swing

The multi-million rand Blossoms Emergency project which was launched during 2018 to alleviate drought and serious water shortages in the Greater Oudtshoorn is continuous, the Municipal Water Department confirmed this week. Read more >
13 August 2020

New Leadership to Bring Stability within the Municipality

The newly elected leadership aims to bring absolute stability in the Greater Oudtshoorn to ensure service delivery to the communities of the Greater Oudtshoorn, the Executive Mayor, Cllr. Chris Macpherson. Read more >
07 August 2020

Traffic Department Offices Temporarily Closed

The Oudtshoorn Traffic Department office has been temporarily closed due to a COVID19 related incident. The office has been closed with immediate effect and will reopen on 18 August 2020. Read more >
05 August 2020

New Leadership for the Greater Oudtshoorn Council

Councillor Chris MacPherson of the Democratic Alliance (DA) has been elected as the new executive mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn in a virtual Council meeting held on Tuesday, 4 August 2020. Read more >
28 July 2020

The Greater Oudtshoorn Mourns the Passing on of Dr. David Piedt

“We are deeply saddened by the passing on of one of the greatest leaders the town has ever had, Dr. David Piedt (80),” said the acting Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Cllr. Noluthando Mwati. Read more >
14 July 2020

Refuse Removal to Resume In the Greater Oudtshoorn Tomorrow Following COVID19 Related Interruptions

The Oudtshoorn Municipality is pleased to announce that refuse collection will continue tomorrow in the Greater Oudtshoorn with slight changes, due to a two-day refuse collection backlog caused by COVID19 infections in the Cleansing Unit. Read more >
14 July 2020

Councillor Macpherson Sworn In Today

Councillor Chris MacPherson has been sworn in as councillor at the Oudtshoorn Council Chambers today. Read more >
10 July 2020

Thursday’s Refuse Bags Collected

Refuse collection which was interrupted yesterday (9 July 2020), due to the news of a COVID19 infection among the cleansing services workers, has been completed today. Read more >
10 July 2020

Refuse Collection Interrupted Due to Covid19 Related Infection

Refuse collection in the Greater Oudtshoorn has been interrupted today following information of a confirmed COVID19 infection among the cleansing services personnel. Read more >
09 July 2020

Strong Wind Causes Havoc in Parts of the Greater Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn Municipality is attending to a number of complaints relating to the strong winds that have caused damages in parts of the Greater Oudtshoorn since last night and throughout the day today. Read more >
08 July 2020

IEC Declares a New Councillor for the Oudtshoorn Council

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) declared Christiaan MacPherson, a new Councillor for the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Oudtshoorn Council with effect from 3 July 2020. Read more >
07 July 2020

Oudtshoorn Municipality’s Main Building & All Pay Offices in the Greater Oudtshoorn Temporarily Closed Due to Confirmed COVID19 Infection

The Municipality’s main building and all municipal pay offices in the Greater oudtshoorn have been temporarily closed with effect from Tuesday, 07 July 2020 till Thursday, 09 July 2020, due to a confirmed COVID19 positive infection. Read more >
03 July 2020

First Two COVID19 Related Deaths in the Greater Oudtshoorn Confirmed

It is sad to announce that the Greater Oudtshoorn has recorded its first two deaths as a result of COVID19 related sicknesses. Read more >
29 June 2020

Oudtshoorn Municipality Loses Its First Official to COVID19

It is with great sadness that Oudtshoorn Municipality announces the passing on of its Legal Services Manager, Mr. Pumzo Tofile (55) who has succumbed to COVID19 related illness on Saturday, 27 June 2020 in Cape Town. Read more >
24 June 2020

Oudtshoorn Municipality Releases a Statement on Various Issues Including Increasing Numbers of COVID19 Cases

The Acting Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Cllr. Noluthando Mwati is making a call the community of the Greater Oudtshoorn to obey to the regulations and protocols aimed at preventing the spread of COVID19 as the numbers of infected people increase tremendously in the Greater Oudtshoorn. Read more >
22 June 2020

Department of Small Business Development Publishes Regulations on Personal Care Services Industry

Minister for Small Business Development, Mr. Khumbudzo Ntshavheni released regulations pertaining to personal care services industry. Read more >
04 June 2020

Oudtshoorn Traffic Department to Open on Monday, 8 June While Libraries Remain Closed

The Oudtshoorn Traffic Department will open its doors to the public on Monday, 8 June after it has been certified as compliant to the regulations applicable to COVID19. Read more >
03 June 2020

Oudtshoorn Municipality Approved Budget, IDP and Spatial Development Framework for 2020/2021

The Oudtshoorn Municipal Council approved the town budget, integrated development plan and spatial development plan in a virtual meeting on Friday, 29 May 2020. Read more >
01 June 2020

Municipality Getting Ready to Open Services to the Public as Alert Level 3 Starts

As announced by the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa last month, the country has moved to alert level 3 regulation today, 1 June 2020. Read more >
29 May 2020

Alert Level 3 Regulations in Summary

The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma released new regulations applicable to alert level 3 which are implementable this coming Monday, 1 June 2020. Read more >
29 May 2020

Seventh Week of Community Screening and Testing

Community health workers across the Garden Route District have screened 92 441 people and referred 486 for testing as of 28 May 2020. Read more >
27 May 2020

Update: Traffic Department Services to be rendered to the Public in June

The Oudtshoorn Traffic Department will open in June 2020. The date of re-opening will be announced as soon the Provincial Department of Transport and Public Works gives a go-ahead for the offices to be open. Read more >
26 May 2020

Transactions for Licence Renewals Oudtshoorn(TAL inputs)

To avoid the waiting in long queues, the Oudtshoorn Municipality has now implemented a procedure for vehicle licences renewals via an online process. Read more >
26 May 2020

From The Mayor’s Desk on Covid19

Today, 25 May 2020 is the 60th day since the start of the Lockdown as announced by the President of South Africa, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa. Read more >
21 May 2020

Door-To-Door Screening to Continue

Health Teams in the Garden Route District have screened more than 70 000 people and have referred 404 for testing through the door-to-door screening and testing program. Read more >
20 May 2020

Statement from Acting Municipal Manager Reginald Smit

One of the emergency officials in the Oudtshoorn Fire station got in contact with a COVID19 positive person in a car accident scene. Read more >
19 May 2020

Emergency Repair in Oudtshoorn on Sunday 24 May 2020

The Oudtshoorn Municipality has scheduled another major repair of the electricity infrastructure this coming Sunday, 24 May 2020. Read more >
18 May 2020

Ongoing Screening and Testing for Covid19 Symptoms Covers More Areas in the Greater Oudtshoorn

The ongoing community screening and testing for Corona Virus (COVID19) symptoms in the Greater Oudtshoorn reaches out to more areas this coming week. Read more >
14 May 2020

Permitted Construction and Related Services in Terms of the Regulations

Please note only the following CONSTRUCTION AND RELATED SERVICES are permitted in terms of alert level 4 lockdown regulations: Read more >
14 May 2020

Covid19 Update: Oudtshoorn SAPS Firearm Office Open

The SAPS’s firearm office has been reopened this week on 11 May 2020 following implementation of alert lever 4 on the 1st of May 2020. Read more >
14 May 2020

Screening for Covid19 Symtoms Continues in the Greater Oudtshoorn

The Department of Health in Oudtshoorn continues with screening for Corona Virus (COVID19) symptoms in the communities of the Greater Oudtshoorn. Read more >
08 May 2020

Once-Off Movement of Persons and Transportation of Goods Permitted between 7 May – 7 June 2020

The National Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs yesterday, 7 May 2020 release new regulations that are aimed at facilitating the movement of persons and goods within and across provincial, metropolitan or district boundaries during the period of Alert level 4. Read more >
07 May 2020

Breakage on Pipe at Raubenheimer Dam

A breakage on the supply pipe from the Raubenheimer dam, which supplies water to Oudtshoorn, occurred on Tuesday, 28 April 2020. Read more >
01 May 2020

Alert Level 4 Regulations Implementation Starts Today

Today, 1st May 2020 marks the implementation of the level 4 regulations released by the Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in terms of the Disaster Management Act. Read more >
23 April 2020

Update: Distribution of Municipal Food Relief Parcels

Distribution of the Municipal food parcels will continue tomorrow (Friday, 24 April 2020). Read more >
22 April 2020

Joc Receives Visit from Western Cape Parliamentarians

On Tuesday, 21 April 2020, the Oudtshoorn Joint Operational Centre received a visit from the members of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. The two members that visited the JOC are Mr. Cameron Dugmore and Lulama Mvimbi. At the time their visit to the JOC the Executive Mayor had also visited to observe progress of JOC activities. Read more >
22 April 2020

Oudtshoorn JOC Receives Cloth Masks and Hand Sanitisers

The members of the Oudtshoorn Joint Operational Centre (JOC) received cloth masks from a local organisation of Masks4All Oudtshoorn and Surrounds on Tuesday, 21 April 2020. Read more >
21 April 2020

Council to Rollout One Million Rand Food Relief Programme to the Covid19 Affected Residents of the Greater Oudtshoorn

Council has approved of One Million Rand from its funds to provide food relief to the Greater Oudtshoorn community that has been affected by the COVID19 pandemic. Read more >
17 April 2020

Update: Covid19 & Lockdown – Greater Oudtshoorn, 17 April 2020

• Learner’s licence, driving licence, motor vehicle licence disc, PDP etc. during and after lockdown period. During the lock - down, the validity period for learner’s licence, driving licence, motor vehicle licence disk, temporary permit, professional driving permit and road worthy certificates shall be deemed to be valid and shall be extended for a further grace period of 30 days from the date of expiry of a lock – down period, unless determined otherwise by the Minister. Read more >
03 April 2020

Relief on Municipal Accounts COVID-19 Period

Council approved the relief on consumer’s municipal accounts, in the form of exempting the billing of interest on all overdue consumers’ accounts for a period of four (4) months from March 2020 – June 2020. Read more >
18 March 2020

Oudtshoorn’s Response to COVID-19

On 17 March, during a Special Council Meeting, the Oudtshoorn Municipal Council unanimously resolved to put measurements to combat the Coronavirus pandemic following the President’s declaration of National State of Disaster. Read more >
18 March 2020

Suspension of Tours at Cango Caves due to COVID-19

In light of the President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Declaration of a National Disaster to limit public social activities, Cango Caves will suspend operations from Wednesday, 18 March to 1 April 2020. The motion to suspend services were tabled by the Executive Mayor, Councillor Colan Sylvester in a Special Council meeting on Tuesday, 17 March 2020. Read more >
04 February 2020

The Department of Home Affairs Extends Office Hours for the February Month

The Department of Home Affairs will extend operating hours at all modernized offices until 19h00 from today, Monday 03 February 2020, until 28 February 2020. Read more >
10 December 2019

Oudtshoorn Gets First Unqualified Audit Report Since 2013/2014

Oudtshoorn Municipality has received its first unqualified audit since the 2013/2014 financial year. The Municipality improved from an “adverse” opinion in 2014/2015, followed by three consecutive “qualified” opinions to this “unqualified” opinion for the 2018/2019 financial year. Read more >
23 October 2019

Greater Oudtshoorn Disaster Management Weighs its Muscle Through a Desktop Exercise

On 14 October 2019 the Oudtshoorn Fire, Rescue and Disaster Management Services conducted a desktop exercise in collaboration with the Western Cape Provincial Disaster Management Services. Read more >
10 October 2019

Five Bikers Reported as Missing Last Night, Found Safe

The Oudtshoorn Municipality’s Disaster Management Centre received reports last night around 20:30 of bikers that reportedly got lost in the Kamanassie Nature Reserve area. “We received one location pin from the bikers indicating their exact location at that stage via one of the bikers’ wives,” said Adel Supra-Virtue, manager for Oudtshoorn’s Disaster Management. “We, however, tried contacting them to confirm their location without any success. Information at that stage indicated that they are safe and are going to stay on the mountain. Read more >
10 October 2019

Construction of a new Library for Rose Valley and Sorroundings is Looming

The construction of the envisaged Rosevalley library is drawing nearer as the tender process to appoint a service provider is in an advanced stage, the director for Community Services, Mr. Thomas Matthee announced yesterday, 8 October 2019. “We anticipate that the contractor will be on site either in November 2019 or January 2020. “Meanwhile, we are ensuring our community consultation processes are in place. It is important to us to take our community through all relevant stages of the construction of the library,” he said. Read more >
02 October 2019

NS Smit Swimming Pool will be ready to host this Weekend’s Swimming Gala

The Oudtshoorn Municipality wishes to confirm that the NA Smit Swimming pool will be ready to host this weekend’s swimming gala. We are currently busy with slight maintenance and repairs at the Swimming pool. We are replacing a valve that gave in and slight refurbishments. The net that was damaged on the pavilion will be completely removed. The quality of the water is excellent. Read more >
02 October 2019

Spekkop Housing Project

Recently, in the Social Media and the general public have widely been discussing about the proposed SPEKKOP development project. However, it is important to note that before such a project can be approved, strict legal requirements must be met. These processes include an environmental impact study as well as a public participation process. Read more >
02 October 2019

Oudtshoorn Airport's Infrastructure gets an Upgrade

Oudtshoorn municipality is upgrading the Oudtshoorn airport's infrastructure by replacing the old lights next to the airport with modern LED lights. The Western Cape Government made R1,4 million available for the installation of the lights and the Municipality funded the runway. The first phase of repairs to the runway lights began on Tuesday, 01 October 2019. The repairs were necessitated after the electric cables from the lights were stolen by cable thieves on several occasions in 2018 and this year. Read more >
12 September 2019

SA Tafeltennisfederasie kry R20 000

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit het vroeër hierdie week ‘n donasie van R20 000 oorhandig aan die Suid-Afrikaanse Tafeltennisfederasie. Die Tafeltenniskampioenskappe gaan hierdie jaar vir die eerste keer in Oudtshoorn plaasvind vanaf 22 tot 28 September 2019 by die De Jager Sportkompleks. Die waarnemende burgemeester, Noluthando Mwati, het die federasie gekomplimenteer met hulle werke, veral die feite dat hulle so baie moeite doen met die jong mense. Mwati noem ook dat as meer jongmense blootgestel word aan sport, kan dit help om die misdaadsyfer in ons gemeenskappe te verlaag. Read more >
11 September 2019

From new waste water treatment works to upgrading of toilets and new Restaurant for Cango Caves

Cango Caves, a tourist icon in the Klein Karoo and Garden Route areas, which is situated 30km north of Oudtshoorn, has recently unveiled a modern waste water treatment plant and is set to open a brand new restaurant while also upgrading its ablution facilities. This tourist attraction that draws approximately 250 000 visitors every year from all over the world, is taking positive turn after having been in the news four years ago for financial mismanagement with a threat of closing down. Today, this iconic tourist destination boasts with a series of improvements and a facelift. Read more >
12 August 2019

Municipality explains overflow of Old East Reservoir during the past weekend

Following the unfortunate incident on Friday, 9 August 2019 with the overflowing of the Old East Reservoir below the prison, Oudtshoorn Municipality would like to give the following background on the water supply system: “Oudtshoorn has five (5) reservoirs, with a total storage capacity of 57.6 Ml. The reservoirs are fed under gravity by two pipelines from the Raubenheimer dam. Our water is chlorinated just below the Raubenheimer dam. The reservoirs are thus fed with already chlorinated water,” said Chris Swart, a Senior Manager for Water and Sewer in the Greater Oudtshoorn. Read more >
11 July 2019

Standard Bank and Oudtshoorn Municipality’s partnership brings joy to an 89-year-old pensioner

An 89-year-old pensioner, Elizabeth Coerecius who has never owned a house in her entire life was overjoyed when she received her new home in Bongolethu, Oudtshoorn on Friday, 5 July 2019. Coerecius is one of the two beneficiaries of Standard Bank’s Corporate Social Investment’s initiative to build two houses in an attempt to make a difference in the community of the Greater Oudtshoorn. Another beneficiary was Koos Blom, a 51-year-old man who often uses a wheel chair to move around, due to his disability. Both beneficiaries were in the Western Cape Housing Database. Before moving into their new houses, both families were each backyard dwellers and living in dire conditions in shacks. Read more >
24 June 2019

Oudtshoorn’s IDP and Budget approved

The Greater Oudtshoorn Municipal Council approved the Integrated Development Plan for next financial year starting in July 2019 and the multi-year budget for the 2019/2020, 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 financial years on Thursday, 20 June 2019. Read more >
30 May 2019

Ninth Sport port Festival launched

The 9th annual Oudtshoorn Sport Festival, that will take place on 7 June 2019 till 6 July 2019, was launched at the Oudtshoorn Bowling Club on Monday this week. The sport festival is organised by the Oudtshoorn Municipality as a leading partner in conjunction with the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS), that gives financial support towards the festival, the Oudtshoorn Sport Council, Eden Sport Council and the Regional and Provincial sport federations that host major sport events in Oudtshoorn. Read more >
27 May 2019

Oudtshoorn Council considers tabled draft IDP and Budget

The Oudtshoorn Municipal Council has noted the draft Integrated Development Planning (IDP) review for the 2019/2020 financial year, as well as the draft multi-year operating and capital budget for 2019/2020 to 2021/2022, in a Special Council Meeting today, following tabling of both documents by the Executive Mayor, Colan Sylvester. Read more >
22 May 2019

Padblokkade Operateurs doen diens in Parkweg

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit se verkeersafdeling het in vennootskap met die Spoedbus van Syntell verlede week ‘n padblokkade projek geloods in Parkweg. Syntell is 'n voorganger in eind-tot-einde verkeerswetstoepassingsdienste en -stelsels. Read more >
29 April 2019

Kickboxing national championships officially starts today in Oudtshoorn

Tonight, Mayor Colan Sylvester will welcome sponsors, organisers, stakeholders and participants in a Gala dinner that marks the official opening of the Kickboxing National Championships. The tournament takes place this Saturday, 27 April and Sunday, 28 April 2019. This event is organised by the South African Kick-Boxing Association (SAKA) in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS), Oudtshoorn Municipality and other stakeholders. Read more >
09 April 2019

Oudtshoorn Municipality tightens security

The Oudtshoorn Municipality has initiated preventative steps with reference to incidents of intimidation and threats levelled at officials during the past week. These safeguarding measures will take effect from Tuesday, 9 April 2019. Read more >
20 March 2019

Welkom boodskap vanaf Burgemeester

Ons visie is “Vooruitgang vir almal”, en dit is die idee van die kunstefees. Vir almal se talente om ‘n platform te hê en ervaar en gevoel te word deur vele. Die Feesgangers komplimenteer die deelnemers en die deelnemers komplimenteer die feesgangers. Read more >
19 March 2019

Greater Oudtshoorn ready to host thousands of KKNK festival goers

Oudtshoorn Municipality is ready to host and render additional services as the 25th Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK25) starts this week, 21st till 27th March 2019. Thousands of visitors from South Africa and abroad are expected to converge to the heart of Little Karoo, Oudtshoorn, to enjoy the variety of the events and activities the KKNK25 is offering during the arts festival. Read more >
18 March 2019

KKNK Slaggereed vir Beurtkrag

Met beurtkrag en veral fase 4-beurtkrag wat tans landwyd ontwrigtings veroorsaak, doen feesorganiseerders van die 25ste KKNK, wat Donderdag op Oudtshoorn begin, alles in hul vermoë om gebeurlikheidsplanne in plek te stel om te verseker dat feesgangers nie te veel ontwrig word nie. Read more >
07 March 2019

Snykant kontemporêre dans uit Vlaandere by KKNK25 te sien

Dans is vanjaar weer te sien by KKNK te danke aan die internasionale Vlaamse dansgeselskap se produksie, Rule of Three. Die vertrekpunt van Rule of Three is ons vermoë om blitsvinnig van een indruk na die ander oor te skakel Read more >
22 February 2019

KwaManyanostraat opgegradeer

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit het opgraderingswerk gedoen van die grondpad in KwaManyanostraat in Bongolethu. Hierdie projek het afgeskop op 23 Oktober 2018 en is voltooi op 14 Desember 2018. Read more >
22 February 2019

53 nuwe huiseienaars

Die behuisingsafdeling het weereens op Maandag, 18 Februarie 2019, transportaktes aan 53 huiseienaars in die Vuyani omgewing oorhandig. Baie het dit met ‘n groot glimlag ontvang. Read more >
22 February 2019

Dankie vir verdraagsaamheid gedurende roetine inspeksie

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit wil alle inwoners bedank vir hulle verdraagsaamheid en samewerking met die kragonderbrekings ‘n paar weke gelede. Read more >
28 January 2019

Major water project for Oudtshoorn

A major water project is on the cards for the Karoo town of Oudtshoorn. The decision to move forward with the project known as the Blossoms Water supply Pipeline, was taken during a visit to the area conducted by Anton Bredell, the minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape. Read more >
23 January 2019

Update on the Kannaland water shortages and the region’s water status

Most of the southern towns of the Garden Route District have bulk water in storage to address their current water demand, at least until the first winter rains. The northern parts of the Garden Route District are not looking good at the moment. Currently, the towns Calitzdorp and Zoar in the Kannaland Municipal area do not have a secondary water supply apart from their bulk storage dams. Read more >
18 January 2019


The outflow from the Oudtshoorn Waste Water Works must comply with Water Affairs’ “General Standards”. These standards make allowance for bacteria to be present, but within certain limits. The standard also gives guidelines with regard to pH, ammoniac, dissolved salts, etc. Effluent conforming to these standards may be used for irrigation. Read more >
11 January 2019

Water supply problems on the Little Karoo Rural Water Supply Scheme

Water supply to the Little Karoo Rural Water Supply Scheme is under great pressure due to problems with the borehole pumps at two of the boreholes with the strongest supply. There is therefore a possibility that consumers can be without water and consumers are advised to use water very sparingly. Read more >
06 December 2018


The Oudtshoorn Municipal Human Settlements Department won the award for Best Informal Settlements upgrading project in the National Govan Mbeki Awards 2018 held at the East London ICC on Friday evening, 30 November 2018. Read more >
31 October 2018

Council honours Infantry School

The Executive Mayor, Councillor Colan Sylvester has last week, bestowed the Infantry School with the town’s highest honour, the Freedom of the City. Read more >
24 October 2018

Dignity restored as 332 Rosevalley residents receive houses

Western Cape Human Settlements Minister, Mr Bonginkosi Madikizela officially handed over houses to Rosevalley residents in Oudtshoorn today. Read more >
11 October 2018

Council to decide how to utilize R 30 Million drought funding

Oudtshoorn Municipality has been allocated R 30 million by the National Treasury and the National Disaster Management Centre for drought alleviation. This funding is part of a R 974 million allocated to the Western Cape Government towards disaster recovery programmes in the Province. Read more >
26 September 2018

Cango Caves’ progress praised by three Western Cape Ministers

Three Western Cape Provincial ministers have lauded the Oudtshoorn Municipality for a positive turnaround of the Cango Caves which was facing a brink of being closed in about three years ago, due to management and financial difficulties. Read more >
12 September 2018

329 Inwoners word huiseienaars in Wyk 6

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit se behuisings department kan met trots terugkyk na die lewering van om en by 800 huise die afgelope twee jaar asook die lewering van titelaktes, het burgemeester, Colan Sylvester, hulle geprys met die oorhandiging van nog 329 titelaktes op Donderdag, 06 September 2018. Met samewerking van provinsiale en nasionale regering kon die munisipaliteit hierdie mylpaal bereik. Read more >
29 August 2018

Dis-Chem Pharmacy and Dis-Chem foundation sponsored Oudtshoorn with 21 600 liters of bottled water

Last week Dis-Chem’s team of employers delivered 21 600 liters of water to the Oudtshoorn Fire Station as their way of showing support in Oudtshoorn’s water crisis. According to Gert Jansen van Vuuren, an employee at Dis-Chem Pharmacy, a client from Oudtshoorn called them to ask for their help and Dis-Chem decided that they will be able to help Oudtshoorn with some water. Read more >
22 August 2018

New hope for Rosevalley as construction of a new library is approaching

A new settlement of Rosevalley in Oudtshoorn will receive a new public library. This was confirmed during a sod turning ceremony on Monday, 20 August 2018. Read more >
17 August 2018

Bewusmakingsveldtog oor die waterkrisis

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit is besig met ‘n uiterste bewusmakingsveldtog oor die waterkrisis. “Ons wil uitreik na skole, besighede, belanghebbendes en inwoners om aan hulle die erns van die situasie te beklemtoon,” sê Colan Sylvester, uitvoerende burgemeester. Read more >
17 August 2018

Oudtshoorn het nou ‘n splinternuwe toetsbaan

Die Oudtshoorn verkeersafdeling het gister sy toetsbaan amptelik oopgemaak vir alle bestuurderslisensies. “Die toetsbaan voldoen aan alle vereistes vir ‘n Graad A status en is weer oop vir alle voertuie en motorfietse,” het Patrick Jordaan, Hoof: Verkeersafdeling, tydens die openingseremonie genoem. Read more >
01 August 2018

Oudtshoorn word bemark as ‘n Sportmekka

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit se mandaat om Oudtshoorn as ‘n sportbestemming binne Eden te bemark is besig om vrugte af te werp. Dit is een van die visies van die Raad vir Oudtshoorn om bekend te staan as ‘n Sportmekka. Read more >
01 August 2018

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit loods lugbesoedelings bewusmakingsprojek

Die geïntegreerde ontwikkelingsplan van Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit fokus op 'n gebalanseerde ontwikkelingstrategie wat beskerming van ons omgewing integriteit verseker. Die munisipaliteit se visie is om 'n sterk en sorgsame gemeenskap te bou, wat streef om die lewensgehalte van al ons burgers op 'n volhoubare wyse te verbeter. Read more >
01 August 2018

Spaar water voor Oudtshoorn dooie water bereik

Oudtshoorn se damme is besig om leeg te loop en die munisipaliteit doen ‘n dringende beroep op inwoners om asseblief uiters spaarsamig te werke te gaan met hul watergebruik. Read more >
01 August 2018

Konstruksie van die De Rust Grootmaat waterpyplyn

Grootmaat watervoorsiening te De Rust is nie voldoende nie omrede (1) die dorp se watertoekenning uit die Huisrivier van 4,5l/s, minder is as die gemiddelde verbruik van 6,5l/s en (2) die kwaliteit van die water uit die Huisrivier by tye swak is, veral na die verwoestende brand in Desember 2016 in die opvangsgebied. Read more >
26 July 2018

Building of 332 additional houses at Rosevalley advances Council’s vision

With the delivery of already over 600 houses in the new Rosevalley Housing Project in the past three years and construction of another 332 houses, the Council is delivering on its undertaking to prioritize human settlements as one of its key focus areas says the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Cllr. Colan Sylvester. Read more >
10 July 2018

New water pumps for Dysselsdorp

The old outdated (24 years old) pumps at the Dysselsdorp WTW have been replaced with “state of the art” vertical pumps. The project value is R 2 million and is funded through a water services infrastructure grant from the Department of Water and Sanitation. Read more >
28 June 2018

Verkeersafdeling se toetsbaan weer op dreef

Die verkeersafdeling van Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit was verlede jaar op die punt om gedegradeer te word na ‘n Graad F as gevolg van die toetsbaan wat nie aan die vereiste standaarde voldoen van ‘n Graad A lisensie toetsbaan nie. Na die opknapping van die toetsbaan het die Departement van Transport op 22 Junie 2018 bevestig dat die verkeersafdeling sy vorige Graad A status kan hervat. Read more >
28 June 2018

R8.5 miljoen vir nuwe Rosevalley Biblioteek

Die eerste publieke deelname proses vir die Rosevalley Biblioteek het afgeskop op Donderdag, 21 Junie 2018. Tydens hierdie vergadering is die publiek meegedeel dat die Wes-Kaapse Biblioteekdienste ‘n bedrag van R8.5 milloen beskikbaar sal stel vir die oprigting en onderhoud van die Biblioteek. Read more >
15 June 2018

Load shedding has commenced

Eskom Oudtshoorn has just confirmed that load shedding stage 1 for Oudtshoorn and surroundings will take place between 14:00-16:30 today. The schedule on Eskom website is incorrect. We once again apologise for inconvenience caused. Read more >
07 June 2018

Munisipale amptenare hou “Wellness Day”

‘n poging om die moraal van die werkgewers te verhoog, het Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit ‘n “Wellness Day” gehou op Vrydag, 01 Junie 2018, by die De Jager Sportkompleks. Die Menslike hulpbron afdeling van die munisipaliteit het Junie maand gemerk as werk/loopbaan & intellektuele maand. Read more >
30 May 2018

Stortingsterrein weer veilig na beter toegangsbeheer

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit het ‘n poging aangewend om die Grootkop Stort Terrein, beter bekend as “die tiep”, meer gebruikersvriendelike te maak deur die aanstelling van sekuriteitswagte op 19 April 2018. Die vordering van die projek word gemonitor om die sukses te bepaal, alhoewel daar sedertdien nog geen klagtes ontvang was van aanranding of diefstal nie. Read more >
29 May 2018

Joy as 290 Oudtshoorn families receive title deeds

Western Cape Human Settlements Minister, Bonginkosi Madikizela yesterday handed over title deeds to 290 families of a newly established settlement area of Rosevalley in Oudtshoorn. Read more >
29 May 2018

Residents urged to stop irrigation of gardens

The urgent repair work on the main feeder pipeline from Raubenheimer dam started on Monday 28th of May 2018 and will last till Monday 11th of June 2018. During this period bulk water will be fed from Melville dam and due to the decreased capacity we may run into water shortages in Oudtshoorn. We urge all residents to stop all irrigation of gardens for this period to prevent water shortages. We apologize for the inconvenience. Read more >
20 March 2018

Krag af in Oudtshoorn

Neem asb kennis dat die volgende strate geen elektrisiteit op genoemde datums sal hê nie. Die rede hiervoor is dat die elektrisiteitsdepartement instandhouding op alle transformators doen. Please take note that the following streets will not have electricity on mentioned dates. The reason being is that Electricity department is doing maintenance on all transformers, that must be done. Read more >
07 March 2018

Waterbesparings veldtog deur Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit

In 'n poging om inligting oor waterbesparing op alle vlakke van die samelewing te versprei, begin Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit 'n opvoedkundige veldtog spesifiek gemik op skoolkinders. In die munisipale nuusbrief, Maart 2018 se uitgawe bladsy twee, is daar ‘n blokkiesraaisel vir kinders om hulle algemene kennis te toets en ook hope pryse te wen. Read more >
12 February 2018

Residents urged to boil water after high bacteria count on Oudtshoorn water

The results of the water samples released by Oudtshoorn Municipality on Monday morning revealed that the bacteriological counts are high and therefore the public is urged to boil the water before human consumption. Read more >
22 December 2017

Biblioteek in Rosevalley ‘n vooruitsig

“Die kragtigste middel tot verdediging wat aangewend kan word om die wêreld te transformeer is opvoeding.” (Madiba) Read more >
22 December 2017

Voorspoedige feesseisoen vir u almal

Hierdie tyd van die jaar smag almal na rus, rustigheid en ‘n ontspanne atmosfeer. Die meeste van ons gaan ons skoene, letterlik en figuurlik, uitskop en die beste maak van die tyd deur dit met familie en vriende te spandeer. Read more >
22 December 2017

Vullisverwyderingsplan en operasie skoonmaak in die Groter Oudtshoorn

Die Reinigingsafdeling van die munisipaliteit het ‘n vullisverwyderingsplan opgestel wat daartoe versekering gee dat vullis by elke huishouding in die Groter Oudtshoorn verwyder sal word. Read more >
22 December 2017

Voorafbetaalde koopkrag “unblocked”

Gedurende die raadsvergadering van 19 Desember 2017, het die raad eenparig besluit dat alle inwoners wie se elektrisiteit “geblock” of “afgesny” is, geaktiveer moet word vir die feesseisoen. Read more >
01 December 2017

Telephone lines out of order in the tourist route

Telephone lines from the Cango Retirement Village to the Cango Mountain Resort, Arnold de Jager, also in the De Hoek Resort areas are out of order due to alleged vandalism of telephone cables. Tourists/Visitors are requested to do online booking for the resorts and any other tourist destinations in the affected areas. Read more >
22 November 2017

It’s all systems go for the inaugural Mayoral Golf Day on December 2

Preparations for the Mayoral Golf Day to be held at the Oudtshoorn Golf Club on 2 December are in full swing. Read more >
21 November 2017

Municipality meets Minister Debbie Schäfer to advance the town as education and training hub

In pursuit of its Vision 2030 of making the Greater Oudtshoorn an educational and training hub, the Oudtshoorn Municipality’s leadership held discussions with the Provincial MEC for Education, Debbie Schäfer on Monday, 20 November 2018, to solicit the Department’s support. Read more >
17 November 2017

Charity concert for sanitary towels and school shoes gets the Mayor’s support

Executive Mayor, Cllr. Colan Sylvester has expressed his support for a fundraising gospel concert aimed at providing sanitary towels and school shoes. This concert will be hosted this coming weekend in Oudtshoorn. Read more >
16 November 2017

USA delegations visit Oudtshoorn to establish a drug rehabilitation centre and a bible college

Oudtshoorn Municipality was in the past week on two separate occasions visited by American delegations to possibly establish a bible college and a drug rehabilitation centre in the greater Oudtshoorn. Read more >
16 November 2017

Rus en Vrede Waterval weer oop vir besoekers

Nadat Rus en Vrede Waterval vir meer as ses maande gesluit was vir die publiek, kan besoekers weer die natuurskoon roete gebruik om by die waterval uit te kom. Read more >
16 November 2017

“Career expo” vir werkloses ‘n sukses

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit se visie is om ‘n sterk en deernisvol gemeenskap te bou wat daarna strewe om die kwaliteit van die lewens van die inwoners op ‘n volhoubare manier te verbeter. Om hierdie rede het die munisipaliteit dit goed geag om ons jongmense bloot te stel aan ‘n “Career expo”. Read more >
16 November 2017

With the rain, come the blessings for the Shelter for Homeless

SA Army Chaplains Ministry and Choral Symposium have started an outreach program where they have nominated and pledged to make a donation to the Shelter for the Homeless. They came together, used their own money and bought food as well a deep freezer for the residence of the shelter. Read more >
15 November 2017

Economic Development gets attention from the Oudtshoorn and Alphen aan den Rijn twining relationship

Dr. Koos van Arkel, the chairperson of the Stedendband (Business Chamber) in Alphen aan den Rijn, the sister town of Oudtshoorn, visited the town last week on a fact finding mission with the focus on economic development. Read more >
14 November 2017

Municipality settles Eskom debt with the aid of the financial recovery plan

The settlement of Eskom’s arrear amount of R 54 Million since last year is according to the Executive Mayor, Cllr. Colan Sylvester, an indication that the Municipal Financial Recovery Plan is yielding positive results. Read more >
02 November 2017

Amptelike opening van alle munisipale swembaddens

Die munisipale swembaddens is vanoggend deur die uitvoerende burgemeester, Colan Sylvester, amptelik oop verklaar. Die swembad in kerkstraat is na drie jaar weer in volle bruikbare toestand en die publiek kan weer daar gaan afkoel in die waters Read more >
02 November 2017

Oorhandiging van die opgegrawe oorskot van Michael Lucas

Colan Sylvester, uitvoerende burgemeester, was op 31 Oktober 2017 die gasheer vir die oorhandiging van die opgegrawe oorskot van Michael Lucas wat op 25 Maart 1988 gehang was, waarna sy oorskot die eiendom van die staat geword het. Read more >
06 October 2017

Oudtshoorn approves drought water tariffs and saving measures

Oudtshoorn Municipal Council has today at its meeting approved final drought water tariffs for the financial year 2017/2018 to be implemented once the Koos Raubenheimer dam is below 50% full. Read more >
04 October 2017

Oudtshoorn commences public participation meetings for 2018/2019 IDP

Oudtshoorn Municipality will host public participation meetings in all wards next week, to gather needs of the residents for the review of the 2018/2019 Integrated Development Plan (IDP). Read more >
12 September 2017

Oudtshoorn Swinging bridge temporarily closed

The suspension bridge in Church Street will be closed indefinitely due to serious structural damages. “The public and tourists are urged not to make use of the swinging bridge until it has been repaired and declared safe for use,” the technical services director, Mr. Christ Koch has warned today. Read more >
07 September 2017

Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit se Oudit Komitee aktief

Die Munisipale Oudit Komitee het op 24 Augustus 2017 vir die eerste keer in die finansiële jaar byeengekom. Hulle is verplig om, volgens die Municipal Financial Management Act (MFMA), ten minste 4 keer per jaar te vergader. Read more >
05 September 2017

Mayor Sylvester announces Council’s Bursary Programme

Executive Mayor Colan Sylvester has, on 29 August 2017, announced the Council’s Bursary Award Programme in an information session. Read more >
01 September 2017

Phelophepa Gesondheidstrein ontvang woorde van waardering

Die uitvoerende burgemeester, Colan Sylvester, tesame met die provinsiale minister van Finansies, Dr. Ivan Meyer, het op 29 Augustus 2017 die Phelophepa Gesondheidstrein besoek om hulle waardering uit te spreek aan die professionele dokters en werkers wat hulle mediese dienste beskikbaar stel aan die gemeenskap van Oudtshoorn. Read more >
01 September 2017

Burgemeester kondig sy beurs toekennings program aan

Op 29 Augustus 2017 het die uitvoerende burgemeester, Colan Sylvester, en die raad met ‘n paar onderwysers van hoërskole in Oudtshoorn bymekaar gekom om sy beurs toekenningsprogram aan te kondig. Die fokuspunt was om die vennootskap tussen skole en die munisipaliteit te herstel om meer jongmense te lok na plaaslike regering sektor. Read more >
31 August 2017

Premier Zille delivers progress update on drought disaster interventions in municipalities

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille today announced progress on interventions the Province is staging in municipalities, as part of the Drought Disaster declaration. She was joined by Local Government MEC Anton Bredell and a team of expert officials. Read more >
31 August 2017

WC Provincial finance Minister pleased with Oudtshoorn’s Improving finances and governance

Western Cape Minister for Finance, Dr. Ivan Meyer has, during his oversight meeting on Tuesday, 29 August 2017, lauded Oudtshoorn Municipality for its status-quo report on its finances, management functionality and leadership. Read more >
23 August 2017

Transnet-Phelophepa Healthcare Train is in town

The Transnet-Phelophepa Healthcare Train will arrive in Oudtshoorn this coming weekend to start with the services on Monday, 28 August 2017. Read more >
17 August 2017

Municipality moves Vrede Street homeless people to a new shelter

The Oudtshoorn Municipality has moved the homeless families that have, for months made makeshift homes in Vrede Street, to a new shelter in Jubilee Street. Many concerned citizens of the greater Oudtshoorn have raised concerns about the living conditions at Vrede Street also citing the cold weather that the people have to endure. Read more >
16 August 2017

Diesel truck accident causes contamination at Grootrivier - Residents warned not to use water

Residents at Valkenskraal near De Rust are urged not to use the Grootrivier water both for human consumption and live stock following diesel spillage into the river on Tuesday afternoon (15 August). Read more >
15 August 2017

Greater Oudtshoorn awarded the best Upgraded Informal Settlements Programme

The Oudtshoorn Municipal Human Settlements Department has been granted the Best Upgraded Informal Settlements Programme (UISP) award in the Western Cape 2017 Govern Mbeki Awards held at the Lord Charles Hotel on Friday evening, 11 August 2017. Read more >
15 August 2017

Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit vier vrouedag

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit het op Vrouedag, 09 Augustus 2017, ‘n middag van kuier en gesels met die verskillende vroue in die gemeenskap aangebied. Die doel van hierdie samekoms was om vroue van die dorp weer bymekaar te bring om saam met mekaar te werk en te streef om beter met mekaar te leef. Read more >
01 August 2017

Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Tourism visits Oudtshoorn on Tuesday, 01 August 2017

The Portfolio Committee on Tourism will conduct oversight in Western Cape, starting tomorrow (Tuesday, 1 August 2017) in Oudtshoorn and ending on Friday, 4 August 2017 at the Provincial Tourism Wesgro offices in Cape Town. The purpose of the oversight is to meet with the local tourism authorities where seven municipalities will make presentations to the Committee, assess the state of tourism and view social responsibility initiative projects in the province. Read more >
18 July 2017

161 inwoners van De Rust ontvang transport-aktes

Vir eerste huiseienaars is dit een van dié belangrikste dokumente wat hulle in hul besit kan hê, het burgemeester, Colan Sylvester, gesê toe hy inwoners van De Rust toepreek met die oorhandiging van 161 transport-aktes op Donderdag, 13 Julie 2017. Read more >
11 July 2017

Oudtshoorn Municipality turnaround on track

Following ten months in charge, the new Oudtshoorn Council leadership is happy to announce that the turnaround of Oudtshoorn is proceeding well. Significant work has been done to date including addressing the out of control creditors account the new council inherited. Read more >
28 June 2017

Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit gaan voort met die herlewing van die Sportfees

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit se visie is om Oudtshoorn as die sportmekka van Suid-Afrika te vestig, en poog daarom met die samewerking van Departement van Sport en Kultuursake om weer die sportfees op die been te bring. Die sportfees skop amptelik af op 01 Julie 2017 tot 08 Julie 2017. Read more >
28 June 2017

Water: Declaration signed by Provincial, Municipal Leadership

Premier Helen Zille, Provincial Ministers as well as Mayors from across the Western Cape, signed a Municipal Declaration with regards to long term water security for the province in Worcester today. Read more >
28 June 2017

Transnet-Phelophepa gesondheidsorg-trein is in die dorp

Die Transnet-Phelophepa gesondheidsorg-trein bring gesondheid en hoop aan duisende landelike Suid-Afrikaners wat toegang tot gesondheidsorgfasiliteite benodig. Hierdie trein bring kwaliteit mediese sorg in die mees afgeleê gemeenskappe, volgens die aangehegde persverklaring. Read more >
28 June 2017

Groter Oudtshoorn se landelike gebiede kry sonkrag

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit is die eerste in die Weskaap wat meemaak aan die sonkragprojek en soos die uitvoerende burgemeester, rdl Colan Sylvester gesê het, is Oudtshoorn een van die ideale plekke wat sonkrag effektief kan benut siende dat die dorp baie son dae het. Read more >
28 June 2017

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit begin opvoedkundige bewusmaking oor dwelmmisbruik

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit het die inisiatief aan die dag gelê om ‘n seminaar oor dwelmmisbruik te hou op Woensdag, 21 Junie 2017 met alle relevante belanghebbendes. Die doel van hierdie seminaar was vir opvoedkundige bewusmaking en voorkoming van dwelms. Idees, probleme en oplossings is op die tafel gelê en gesamentlik bespreek. Read more >
15 June 2017

Greater Oudtshoorn celebrates youth day

Youth day celebrations will be hosted by Oudtshoorn Municipality in collaboration with various stakeholders of the community of the Greater Oudtshoorn on Friday, 16 June 2017. Read more >
08 June 2017

Kragonderbreking in the KKLWVS gebied

Die oostelike boorgatvelde van die Klein Karoo Landelike Watervoorsieningskema (KKLWVS) is al sedert Dinsdagnag sonder krag en die skema se Watersuiweringswerke te Dysselsdorp ook. Read more >
08 June 2017

Western Cape Government launches humanitarian campaign after Knysna fires and storm

Western Cape Cabinet Ministers today launched an urgent humanitarian effort in the wake of the devastating fires and storms in the Eden District of the Southern Cape. Read more >
08 June 2017

Oudtshoorn lends support to Knysna fire disaster

Oudtshoorn Municipality has on Wednesday night (7 June 2017) teamed up with the Infantry School of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to help extinguish Knysna fires. Read more >
08 June 2017

Situation Report: Severe Weather Event: 6 – 8 June 2017

The Western Cape Disaster Management Centre continues to manage a range of crisis around the province as the storm continues to rage. All stakeholders remain in play with resources being deployed with utmost urgency where needed. Read more >
07 June 2017

Update severe weather conditions: Greater Oudtshoorn

No major incidents have so far been reported in the Greater Oudtshoorn. Our emergency services are monitoring the weather situation very closely. Residents are encouraged to stay indoors and avoid movements closer to trees. Read more >
06 June 2017

Oudtshoorn munisipaliteit ontvang watertenke vanaf Eden Distriks munisipaliteit

“Dit is wonderlik om te weet dat Eden Distriks munisipaliteit homself daargestel het as hulpmiddel vir Oudsthoorn munisipaliteit,” het uitvoerende burgemeester, Colan Sylvester gesê met die ontvangs van vyftien (5 000 liter) watertenke wat geskenk was deur Eden Distriks munisipaliteit op Donderdag, 1 Junie 2017. Read more >
06 June 2017

Important severe weather warning - cabinet confirms instruction for one day closure of all schools tomorrow

An extraordinary meeting of the Western Cape Cabinet was held this morning regarding the incoming storm. Provincial Disaster Management and the South African Weather Service briefed cabinet on the possible impact of the severe weather. Read more >
01 June 2017

Newly approved Oudtshoorn budget ‘a new era to clean governance’

Oudtshoorn Municipality’s 2017/2018 budget which was approved by Council on 30 May 2017 at a special council meeting, is according to the Executive Mayor Colan Sylvester, the beginning of a new era of clean governance and prudent financial management. Read more >
23 May 2017

Die vuil strate is kommerwekkend vir die Burgemeester

Die Uitvoerende Burgemeester, Colan Sylvester, sê dat dit vir hom ‘n bron van kommer is dat die dorp se strate net nie kan skoon bly nie, nadat ‘n bewustheid en skoonmaak operasie begin was op 15 Mei 2017. Dieselfde gebiede is twee maande terug deur die munisipaliteit, Afriforum en die Toerisme Transformasie Missie (TTM), met behulp van die inwoners skoongemaak, voeg die burgemeester by. Read more >
23 May 2017

Bay TV visits Oudtshoorn tourist attractions

The Bay TV crew that visited Oudtshoorn during the past weekend was astonished by a variety of tourist attraction the greater Oudtshoorn offers to tourists. Read more >
17 May 2017

Oudtshoorn joins Cross Cape cycle route that is set to attract thousands of tourists to rural towns across the Western Cape

Executive Mayor of the greater Oudtshoorn Aldm Colan Sylvester handed over a small bicycle chain to Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities, Alan Winde, a souvenir at a commemoration of Oudtshoorn as the forth stop of the new Cross Cape Cycling Route held at Mooiplas Guest House, Volmoed in Oudtshoorn on Monday, 15 May 2017. Read more >
16 May 2017

Oorhandiging van huise in Rosevalley

Die Burgemeester, Rdh Colan Sylvester, het op Maandag, 15 Mei met die amptelike oorhandiging van agt huise in Rosevalley, aan die begunstigdes genoem dat die ontvangs van hul eie huise moet uitstaan as een van die groot oomblikke in hul lewe. Read more >
16 May 2017

Electricity supply restored

Electricity supply that was lost yesterday in the Northern parts of Oudtshoorn has been restored this afternoon (Tuesday, May 16, 2017). Read more >
16 May 2017

Electricity supply failure to be restored this afternoon

Northern parts of Oudtshoorn have on Monday evening, 15 May 2017 experienced power failure due to a tree that fell on the electricity lines. Read more >
10 May 2017

Update: Oudtshoorn water now drinkable

The Municipality is pleased to announce that the residents of the greater Oudtshoorn can now use the town’s water for human consumption. Read more >
29 April 2017

Two of Oudtshoorn's political heroes get National Orders Awards

Oudtshoorn Mayor Colan Sylvester wishes to congratulate two late Oudtshoornites, David Mbulelo "Spi" Grootboom and Reginald "Reggie" Oliphant who were awarded at the Presidential National Orders today (28 April 2017). Read more >
21 April 2017

Oudtshoorn water update: Latest water tests results

The latest bacteriological results of Oudtshoorn’s drinking water indicate a noticeable improvement in the quality of our water. Although we are confident that our water poses no health risk for our consumers, we are compelled by law to issue a warning to consumers about potential health risks involved when drinking our water. Read more >
20 April 2017

Oudtshoorn water update

The latest organic water samples results indicate that the water is safe for human consumption except for two areas; Wesbank north and southern parts of Jan van Riebeeck Road, said the director of Technical services, Chris Koch during a press conference yesterday. Read more >
13 April 2017

Closing of municipal offices for Easter weekend

Notice is hereby given that the municipal offices will be temporarily closed on Thursday, 13 April 2017 at 13:00. Offices will re-open on Tuesday, 18 April 2017 at 07h30. Read more >
12 April 2017

Discoloured Oudtshoorn water are being tested

Oudtshoorn water have discoloured following recent flash floods in the greater Oudtshoorn over the past weekend. The discolouring of the water from the Koos Raubenheimer dam is, according to the Municipal Water Department, caused by the mud as well as remains of the burnt vegetation in the water catchment area. Read more >
10 April 2017

Boodskap aan Feesgangers van Uitvoerende Burgemeester van Oudtshoorn

Dit is met ‘n vuurwarm karoo welkom dat ons u ontvang in ons midde. Bring u plesierige geaardhede, u asemrowende kunste en fenominale feestelike dramas en geniet die 23ste Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees met alles wat dit u bied. Read more >
10 April 2017

Evita Bezuidenhout to be conferred Freedom of the Town award today

The Executive Mayor, Aldm Colan Sylvester will, this afternoon bestow the Freedom of the City to Dirk-Pieter Uys for the character of Evita Bezuidenhout in the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK) this afternoon. Read more >
10 April 2017

Municipality paying attention to disgruntled housing applicants

The Oudtshoorn Municipal Human Settlement Department has opened an appeal process to allow unhappy housing beneficiaries opportunity to contest the recently released allocation list. Read more >
29 March 2017

The history and future of Riemvasmaak / Rosevalley

In 2016 Oudtshoorn Municipality, after installing Civil Services, started building units, which consists of 67 single units, 46 semi-attached units and 222 double storey duplex units in Riemvasmaak/Rosevalley. Read more >
24 March 2017

Burgemeester help TTM met skoonmaakprojek

Die Burgemeester, Rdh Colan Sylvester, het sy hand in die ploeg geslaan en gehelp met die skoonmaak in ‘n gedeelte van Riemvasmaak op Woensdag, 22 Maart 2017. Rdh Colan Sylvester het sy handskoene en masker opgesit en gesê “ soms moet jy self inspring en doen wat jy sê andere moet doen”. Read more >
23 March 2017

Burgemeester bedank almal vir die reuse sukses van die maskerbal

“Die aand was ‘n wonderlike sukses, en ek is dankbaar vir al die borge en gaste wat die aand vir ons moontlik gemaak het.” het Burgemeester Colan Sylvester gesê. Die eerste burgemeester maskerbal het sowat R77000.00 ingesamel. Read more >
17 March 2017

Signing of the MOU between Oudtshoorn Municipality and Western Cape Department of Social Development

“It is an historic moment whereby Oudtshoorn Municipality signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Province.” said the Executive Mayor. Colan Sylvester, at the ceremony held this morning in the council chambers. Read more >
16 March 2017

Groundbreaking Municipal App to enhance participatory democracy

Oudtshoorn Mayor, Colan Sylvester has hailed the ground-breaking citizen engagement mobile application (APP), which is set to provide easy and direct municipal communication, as a game-changer that will enhance participatory democracy. Read more >
15 March 2017

Oudtshoorn to bolster traffic visibility and enforcement

Oudtshoorn Municipality’s traffic department has started an awareness campaign that will focus on service delivery to the community. The municipality wants to ensure visibility of traffic officers and enforcement of the law in and around town. Read more >
13 March 2017

Mayor's press conference on status of the municipal finance

In August 2016, this Council took over a Municipality with financial mismanagement that carried on through the previous political term, leaving the Municipality in serious financial despair, with no money at all in the bank, and creditors knocking down the door. Read more >
02 March 2017

Council avails three buildings for social causes

The issue of people living in the streets is viewed seriously by the Municipality and has been a focus area of discussion between the municipality and the department for the past year. Read more >
27 February 2017

Dysselsdorp urged to use water sparingly

Dysselsdorp residents are urged to use water sparingly. No water is being pumped to the reservoirs at the moment due to a breakage of the main water pump and subsequent flooding of Dysselsdorp WTW pump station this morning. Serious damage were also reported on the electrical switchgear systems inside the pump station. Read more >
27 February 2017

Mayor sympathizes with Municipal Manager who lost his son

The Municipal Manager of Oudtshoorn Mr. Allen Paulse has lost his son to a gruesome accident in George this past weekend. Dino Paulse (22) was one of three people who passed away in an accident that occurred in York Street in George in the early hours of Sunday, 26 February 2017. Read more >
22 February 2017

De Rust Water still not drinkable after latest tests

De Rust water is still not drinkable, the latest water tests results revealed on Wednesday morning after samples were taken on Monday this week. Read more >
22 February 2017

Mayor’s message of condolences after passing on Aldm James Swigelaar

The Executive Mayor, Cllr. Colan Sylvester has learnt with shock of the passing on of one of the greatest leaders of the town, Alderman James Swigelaar. Swigelaar was a former Mayor of the greater Oudtshoorn an alderman, a long serving senior member of the Oudtshoorn Municipal Council. Read more >
15 February 2017

Eerste Jaarlike Burgemeester Maskerbal

Die uitvoerende burgemeester, Rdl Colan Sylvester, het die nood in Oudtshoorn gesien en sy hart gaan uit na ons minderbevoorregte kinders en vroue wat dag in en dag uit deur armoede geraak word. Read more >
15 February 2017

Parkeermeter stelsel

Lede van die publiek word genooi om hulle opinie en idees te lug oor die parkeermeter stelsel wat die Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit van stapel wil stuur. Read more >
08 February 2017

AG impressed with Oudtshoorn’s recovery

The Auditor General (AG), Kimi Makwetu has last week visited Oudtshoorn to meet the new leadership and management of the town. Mr. Makwetu held a meeting with the Executive Mayoral Committee, municipal manager and directors on Friday, 3 February 2017. Read more >
01 February 2017

Appointments of Municipal Manager and two directors concluded

Mr. Allen Paulse has officially been appointed as new Municipal Manager of Oudtshoorn Municipality following the concurrence of Minister Anton Bredell of the Department of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning. Read more >
01 February 2017

Municipality confirms official vehicle accident

The Oudtshoorn Municipality wishes to confirm that an accident occurred on Friday 27 January 2017 at approximately 19h28 on the N12 between Oudtshoorn and De Rust. Read more >
01 February 2017

Appointments of Municipal Manager and two directors concluded

Mr. Allen Paulse has officially been appointed as new Municipal Manager of Oudtshoorn Municipality following the concurrence of Minister Anton Bredell of the Department of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning. Read more >
25 January 2017

Inwoners gooi mis

Rdh Colan Sylvester, burgemeester, pleit dat die inwoners asseblief hulle vullis in die grootmaat vullishouers gooi en nie langsaan nie, soos in die meeste gevalle. Read more >
25 January 2017

Municipal citizen engagement application to enhance communication

The introduction of a “Citizen Engagement Application” to the community and stakeholders of the Greater Oudtshoorn is set to take communication between the Municipality and the citizens to another level. Oudtshoorn Municipal Manager, Allen Paulse announced on Monday, 23 January at a Special Council Meeting that Oudtshoorn has been chosen as one of the five Municipalities in the Western Cape to form part of the pilot rollout of the Municipal Citizen Engagement Application in the current financial year. Paulse added, “Of the five Municipalities, we have been fortunate to be selected to be the first to launch; most probably before end of March 2017.” Read more >
18 January 2017

Break-in at Oudtshoorn Municipality over the past weekend

Oudtshoorn Municipality reported a break-in incident with the South African Police Service (SAPS) after intruders entered the Information Technology (IT) offices through a window over the weekend a stole a number of items from the offices. Read more >
13 January 2017

Nuwe jaar boodskap van die Burgemeester

Rdh Colan Sylvester, uitvoerende burgemeester, wil almal 'n voorspoedige nuwe jaar gevul met groot vreugde en geluk toewens. Read more >
13 January 2017

Congratulations to our top achievers matric class of 2016

The Executive Mayor, Aldm Sylverster, held a breakfast on Wednesday, 11 January 2017 in appreciation and recognition to the top matric achievers of the Class of 2016 to motivate them towards their future. Read more >
13 January 2017

Uitvoerende Burgemeester vier saam eerste skooldag in De Rust

Terwyl die skoolkinders oulik in enkel rye sit, het hulle aandagtig aan die Uitvoerende Burgemeester, Rdh Colan Sylvester, geluister terwyl hy hulle toegespreek het en vir van hulle geluk gewens het met hul eerste skooldag. Read more >
13 January 2017

Executive Mayor congratulates the class of 2016

As the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn I would like to congratulate the 2016 Grade 12 learners who have passed. You have not only made yourselves proud, but also your parenents, families and the greater Oudtshoorn. You are now reaping fruits of your 12-year resillience and hard work. Read more >
06 January 2017

Municipality gives bottled water to water stressed De Rust

Oudtshoorn Municipality is offering bottled water to the residents of the water stressed area of De Rust. The remains of the recent fires that hit Oudtshoorn, stormed into the water stream following Thursday’s rains causing discolouring in the water. The water supply to De Rust has therefore been discontinued. Read more >
15 December 2016

Blykie van waardering aan afgetrede munisipale personeel

“U is onlosmaakbaar deel van die munisipaliteit,” dit is met hierdie woorde wat die uitvoerende burgemeester, Rdh Colan Sylvester, sy erkenning uitgespreek het aan die afgetrede munisipale personeel tydens ‘n geselligheid op 15 Desember 2016. Read more >
15 December 2016

Veld fires erupt in Oudtshoorn

Veld fires have erupted in the Rust en Vrede waterfall area in the North of Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo. Firefighters from the Oudtshoorn Municipality, Eden District Municipality and Cape Nature have had their hands full since Wednesday afternoon, 14 December extinguishing the fire. Read more >
12 December 2016

Oudtshoorn gets new wheels to rollout services

Oudtshoorn Municipality has received first 20 of the 40 brand new vehicles that have been leased to roll out services faster and efficiently. The Executive Mayor, Aldm Colan Sylvester and some members of the Mayoral Committee visited the fleet management unit to receive the vehicles on Thursday, 8 December 2016. Read more >
12 December 2016

Mayor Sylvester gives an early Christmas present to water-scarce area of Volmoed outside Oudtshoorn

On the 8th of December 2016 residents in the Volmoed area received an early Christmas when the Executive Mayor, Aldm Colan Sylvester paid a surprise visit distributing thousands of litres of water. Access to clean drinking water is a huge challenge in the farms surrounding Oudtshoorn; these farm residents fetch water far away from their homes. Read more >
06 December 2016

Oudtshoorn advances from adverse to qualified audit opinion

Oudtshoorn Municipality has received a qualified Audit opinion for the 2015/2016 financial year, an improvement from an adverse opinion received in the prior financial year. The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Aldm Colan Sylvester has congratulated the municipality for the improvement. “This progression is welcome, and can be attributed to Intervention team since the bigger portion of the financial year was under the auspices of the administration.” Read more >
23 November 2016

Oudtshoorn officials urged to pay their municipal accounts

The acting Municipal manager, Mr. Allen Paulse has given the Oudtshoorn Municipal officials 5 days to settle their municipal accounts, in an internal communication issued to all officials. “Charity begins at home,” Paulse said, “our officials and councillors must be exemplary to the broader community as responsible public servants and public representatives.” Read more >
17 November 2016

Physically-challenged housing recipients celebrate in Bongolethu, Oudtshoorn

Residents of Bongolethu, Oudtshoorn celebrated when receiving their long awaited homes from Western Cape Human Settlements Minister Bonginkosi Madikizela on 15 November. Among the housing recipients were physically challenged Mr David Jansen and Ms Nomayeza Banjatwa who suffers from impaired hearing. The elderly Ms Roseline Pockpas also celebrated when opening the door to her new home. Read more >
16 November 2016

Mayor’s 100 days service delivery plan to yield good results as Road repair drive kicks-off

The Executive Mayor’s 100 days service delivery plan gains momentum as more than 30 Streets damages are set to benefit from a R2 Million road-repair programme within the next month. Read more >
16 November 2016

Local sport stars to be honoured in the Greater Oudtshoorn Mayoral Sport Awards 2016

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn Cllr. Colan Sylvester will on 24 November honour the town’s sports men and women in the Greater Oudtshoorn Mayoral Sport Awards to be held at the Municipal Banquet Hall at 18:30 for 19:00. Read more >
14 November 2016

Physically disabled beneficiaries will be in the spotlight in the Oudtshoorn housing handover tomorrow

Tomorrow 15 November 2016 the Western Cape Minister of Human Settlements, Mr Bonginkosi Madikizela will handover more than fifty houses in Bongolethu, in Oudtshoorn. Read more >
04 November 2016

Mayor wishes Oudtshoorn’s Toy Ungerer well for tomorrow’s 400m final

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Cllr. Colan Sylvester wishes Oudtshoorn’s Gold medallist Toy Ungerer well for tomorrow’s 400m finals at the Perth 2016 World Masters Athletic Championship in Australia. Ungerer, who has so far been competing excellently was earlier this week applauded by Cllr. Sylvester for a sterling performance she displayed at the Championships since last week. Read more >
04 November 2016

Executive Mayor mourns the death of Jans Rautenbach

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn Cllr. Colan Sylvester expressed his condolences for the demise of Jans Rautenbach this week. An altruistic Rautenbach also a former chairperson of the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK) now Kunste Onbeperk during 2000 to 2001 passed away at the age of 80 on Wednesday, 02 November 2016 in a hospital in Mossel Bay, due to complications relating to pneumonia. Read more >
26 October 2016

Reggie Oliphant Street to get an upgrade

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Cllr. Colan Sylvester has on Tuesday, 25 October 2016 officially launched the upgrade of Reggie Oliphant Street in Smartie Town. The partially upgraded Reggie Olifant Street in Ward 5 will be constructed as an Oudtshoorn-based contractor will commence with the paving of on Wednesday, 26 October 2016. Cllr. Sylvester accompanied by Ward 5 Councillor Hendrik Ruiters visited Reggie Olifant Street to officially announce the upgrade. Read more >
19 October 2016

Cango Caves re-opened and operations running smooth

Cango Caves have re-opened this morning with the first tour commencing at 09:00 as staff turned up to guide tours. Several bus groups and individual tourists from as far as Israel have yesterday been turned away as the news of the tremor emerged. Some of the workers were still in shock and consequently withheld their services concerned about their safety. The Cango Caves were then closed and no tour could be continued. Read more >
18 October 2016

Cango Caves remained closed on Tuesday

Operations could not continue on Tuesday at the Cango Caves due to a low grade tremor that occurred at approximately 08:25. Despite management giving a go-ahead for operation to resume at the Cango Caves’ at 12:00 today, some of the workers were still in shock and later withheld their services concerned for their safety. The Cango Caves were consequently closed and no tour could be continued. Read more >
18 October 2016

Cango Caves resumes tours after slight tremor

The Cango Caves, which have been temporarily closed this morning due to a low grade tremor, have been reopened at 12:00 today. The Eden District Municipality’s Disaster Management has given the town’s management team a go-ahead to resume tours at the Cango Caves. Read more >
18 October 2016

Seismologists investigate as Oudtshoorn experiences slight tremor

A slight tremor occurred along the Cango fault line north of Oudtshoorn at approximately 08:30 this morning. According to the Eden District Disaster Management, the tremor was measured at 3.4 on the Richter scale and is calculated at 6km into the ground. Council for Geoscience is currently ascertaining the point of origin. Read more >
12 October 2016

Municipality meets with citizens to prepare a 5-year integrated development plan

The Oudtshoorn Municipality is currently holding a series of public participation meetings to gather inputs for the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for 2017 to 2022. The Meetings are also discussing the Ward Committee establishment structure. In his presentation, Mr. Luvuyo Masola, the Municipal IDP manager explained that as stipulated in the Municipal Systems Act, “Each municipal council must, within a prescribed period after the start of its elective term, adopt a single, inclusive and strategic plan, which will be reviewed annually”. Read more >
11 October 2016

Drug action rehabilitation committee established

The Oudtshoorn Municipality in collaboration with stakeholders interested in fighting substance abuse established a Local Drug Action Committee that will be championed by the Executive Mayor, Cllr. Noluthando Mwati who has been vested to lead the social responsibility cluster of the Municipality by Council leadership. Read more >
05 October 2016

Oudtshoorn scoop 1st Runner-up in the Provincial Human Settlements’ Govan Mbeki Awards

The Oudtshoorn Municipality has been conferred the 1st Runner up position for the Best Informal Settlement Upgraded Program in the annual Govan Mbeki Awards hosted by the Western Cape Provincial Department of Human Settlements recently. Read more >
26 September 2016

Induction programme for new Council commences

The newly elected councillors of the greater Oudtshoorn started a week long Integrated Councillor Induction Programme (ICIP) conducted by the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) on Monday, 19 September at the Thusong Service Centre. Read more >
20 September 2016

Clean up campaign launched

The Deputy Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn Council Cllr. Noluthando Mwati has officially launched a clean-up campaign attached to the Council’s 100 Days service delivery plan on Monday, 19 September 2016. Addressing attendees of the launch consisting of councillors, management, workers and some residents, Cllr Mwati said the clean-up may have economic spin-offs for the greater Oudtshoorn. “We cannot employ each and every person, but as we are doing this programme cleaning our town, there may be more opportunities being created as investors may be interested to invest in our town,” she said. Read more >
02 September 2016

Deputy Mayor applauds the Western Cape Integrated Transport Skills and Development Programme for local taxi drivers

The newly elected deputy Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, councillor Noluthando Mwati praised a Western Cape Integrated Transport Skills and Development programme that offers to empower 20 local taxi drivers an opportunity to learn and earn a National Certificate in Professional Driving. Cllr. Mwati, flanked by the Speaker, Cllr. Julia le Roux Krowitz and some councillors visited a training programme on 25 August 2016 taking place at the Department of Transport and Public Works site situated in Voortrekker road to acquaint themselves with this professional driving course. Read more >
26 August 2016

NERSA keur ‘n gedeelte van die Munisipale beswaar teen hoë elektrisiteitstariewe goed

Hiermee wil die munisipaliteit u in kennis stel dat NERSA (Nasionale Energie Reguleerder van Suid-Afrika) die finale elektrisiteitstariewe vir Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit vir die finansiële jaar 2016/2017, goedgekeur het op 08 Augustus 2016 na die munisipaliteit ‘n beswaar geloods het ten opsigte van sommige van die elektrisiteitstariewe. Read more >
23 August 2016

A Gift for CJ Langenhoven Library - Handover of chess equipment

On the 23rd of August 2016 the Provincial Minister of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports in the Western Cape Miss Anroux Marais handed over a set of six Chess board equipment, to the CJ Langenhoven Library in Oudtshoorn. The Provincial Minister said “I wish to give this to all the libraries in the province. This equipment will help enhance the performance of children in schools and it will also help solve problems, as there are lots of problems to solve in this board game, one has to think about any move they make and take responsibility for that movement”. Read more >
19 August 2016

Speaker assures participation of SARCO councillor candidate in Council activities

A proportional candidate for the South African Religious Civic Organization (SARCO) who could not attend the Oudtshoorn Municipal Council first meeting, will forthwith participate in the activities and business of Council, the Speaker of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Cllr. Julia le Roux Krowitz has confirmed. A group of SARCO members visited the Oudtshoorn Municipality’s headquarters on Friday morning, 19 August 2016 demanding answers for the alleged exclusion of their member from the Inaugural meeting on 16 August 2016. Read more >
18 August 2016

Oudtshoorn Municipal Council welcomed

The 25-member Oudtshoorn Municipal Council has been officially welcomed on Tuesday, 16 August 2016 at its inaugural meeting. The newly elected Executive Mayor, Cllr. Colan Sylvester of the Democratic Alliance (DA) his deputy is Noluthando Mwati (DA) while Cllr. Julia le Roux Krowitz (DA) has been elected as Speaker. Read more >
10 August 2016

More Extensions Available for Account Enquiries

The Oudtshoorn Municipality is experiencing a high volume of in-coming calls since last week. Personnel at the switchboard are having their hands full answering and transferring calls to various departments. Read more >
28 July 2016

Administrator apologises to the greater Oudtshoorn on a Day of Abasement

The administrator of the greater Oudtshoorn, Mr. Kam Chetty has humbled himself and apologized for the abused trust placed in the Municipality by the citizens of Oudtshoorn when delivering his confession and repentance during a day of Abasement event organized by the local ministers recently. Flanked by local religious leaders Chetty told the fully packed de Jager Sport Complex on Sunday, 24 July that the evil forces of divisions and mismanagement destroyed our united fellowship and shattered our social cohesion that defined our humanity. Read more >
28 July 2016

Black Rubbish Bags to be delivered as new Financial Year starts

The Oudtshoorn Municipality has recently not been delivering rubbish black bags to its 25 000 households quarterly as it has been in the earlier years. The Intervention team nevertheless, promises to raise the bar as the new financial year commences in July 2016 despite the financial constraints that are still lingering. Read more >
28 July 2016

Financial Recovery Plan Published for Public’s Comments

A Financial Recovery plan aimed at securing the Oudtshoorn Municipality’s ability to meet its obligation to provide basic services for its financial commitments has been released for inspection and comments of the local residents and stakeholders. “The Financial Recovery Plan is prepared as a result of a mandatory provincial intervention referred to in Section 139 of the Constitution read together with Section 142 of the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003 (MFMA),” said Mr. Kam Chetty, the town’s administrator. Read more >
26 July 2016

Oudtshoorn gets an Agri-Park

The Agri-Park programme is one of the key interventions of government. The Programme is led by the Department of Land Affairs and Rural Development and supported by Department of Agriculture and Provincial Government. After receiving numerous submissions, Oudtshoorn has been identified as the site for the Agripark in the Eden District – by the lead Departments. Read more >
01 June 2016

Oudtshoorn Municipality Approves Financial Rescue Budget

The Oudtshoorn Municipal budget which was passed last week is according the town’s administrator, Mr. Kam Chetty the first step towards financial recovery and an exercise in what he termed as ‘financial funambulism’. Read more >
26 May 2016

Administrator Incensed about bags of Shredded Paper found in a Secluded Office

The Administrator of the Greater Oudtshoorn Mr. Kam Chetty expressed serious concern following a discovery of more than 20 rubbish black plastic bags full of shredded paper found in a secluded Municipal office this week. Read more >
12 May 2016

Municipality Bolsters Security after a Break-In at its Headquarters

The Oudtshoorn Municipality has on Wednesday, 11 May 2016, registered a criminal case with the South African Police Service after a burglary was discovered in the offices of the acting Municipal Manager, Mr. Allen Paulse and the Administrator, Mr. Kam Chetty. A damaged door handle and door linking the offices of the Acting Municipal manager and Administrator was discovered on Tuesday, 10 May by the newly acting Director for Community Services, Mr. Thomas Matthee. Read more >
12 May 2016

Spiritual leaders pledge to support the Administrator’s plea for Divine Intervention

Administrator, Mr. Kam Chetty has appealed to Spiritual Leaders to assist in the recovery of Oudtshoorn Municipality and to collectively address the problems of the Greater Oudtshoorn. “Your presence gives us hope and the strength we require – we previously had administrators in this town, with marginal changes - this means there was something missing in the past interventions,” Mr. Chetty told the approximately 50 church leaders in a meeting held on 28 April 2016 at Toekomsrus Community Hall. Read more >
12 May 2016

Residents comment on the Oudtshoorn Municipal Draft Budget & IDP

The Oudtshoorn Municipality has between 25 April 2016 and 5 May 2016 held a series of public participation meetings to consult with the citizens of the Greater Oudtshoorn about the draft budget and Integrated Development Planning (IDP) review for the 2016/17 financial year. The Administrator Mr. Kam Chetty gave an overview of the Municipal Status quo since the inception of the Intervention into the Oudtshoorn Municipality in all meetings. He was accompanied by a delegation consisting of the Intervention team, councillors and Municipal officials. Read more >
04 May 2016

Oudtshoorn Youth Café to Open in May this Year

The youth of the broader Oudtshoorn will soon be the beneficiaries of another breakthrough initiative of the Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD). It is envisaged, that the Oudtshoorn Youth Café will open its doors on 24 May this year, with the aim to develop and grow the youth of Oudtshoorn. By opening these Cafés in the Western Cape, DSD would want to see that every young person in the Province will be inspired, educated, responsible, independent, healthy and a productive citizen by the age of 25. Read more >
28 April 2016

Foreign Ethiopian Nationals Donate Groceries Worth R33 000 to Locals

Ethiopian nationals belonging to the Christ for All Mission Mobilization International Organization (CFAMMIM) opened their hearts to 100 impoverished families in the Greater Oudtshoorn when they handed over food hampers as part of the church’s outreach programme. The CFAMMIM which consists of Ethiopian nationals, mostly, Spaza shops owners in the townships in Oudtshoorn handed over the groceries hampers worth R 330 each in partnership with the Oudtshoorn Municipality on 21 April 2016 at the Toekomsrus Community Hall. Read more >
23 March 2016

Oudtshoorn Municipality suspends its Senior Manager

The Oudtshoorn Municipality has suspended Mr. Ronnie Lottering, a Director for Community Services pending further investigation which may lead to a disciplinary hearing in the near future. Mr. Lottering who has for the past two years acting as Municipal Manager preceding the Municipality’s placement under administration has been served with a formal suspension notice on Tuesday, 22 March 2016 in terms of the Disciplinary Regulations of 2010 for senior managers. Read more >
11 March 2016

Oudtshoorn’s former Acting Chief Financial Officer resigns

The Administrator of the Oudtshoorn Municipality, Mr. Kam Chetty, wishes to confirm that the former acting Chief Financial Officer in the municipality, Mr. Francois Human, has resigned with a three month notice period. Read more >
11 March 2016

Career Exhibition

Various Government Departments, NGO’s, Private Organizations, Colleges and Universities will be giving out information on possible learner ships, Internships, Bursaries and Apprenticeship. Career Advisors will also be available for those who are not certain on which career path to follow. Read more >
11 March 2016

Public Invitation to Submit Representations to the Annual Report 2014/2015 Financial Year

In terms of section 127(5)(2)(a)(i)(ii)of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003, the Oudtshoorn Municipality hereby gives public notice that the annual reports for 2014/2015 financial year had been tabled before Council on 22 February 2015. Read more >
11 March 2016

Oudtshoorn Council approves Adjustment Budget 2015/16

The Oudtshoorn Municipality Council passed the town’s adjustment budget for 2015/2016 at a Special Council meeting with the Administrator early this week. The Mid-Year financial report which was also tabled before the Administrator and Council shows that the Municipality’s financial position is still very critical, particularly the cash flow. This can be attributed to the fundamentally flawed initially approved budget for the 2015/2016 financial year in respect of the principles applied in the compilation thereof which negated the strive towards financial sustainability to the extent that the municipality currently finds itself in severe financial distress. Read more >
Last published 09 February 2016